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Poems for the Flow of Life
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Available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook editions.


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The Current offers a captivating narrative about the natural current

that runs through all of us, through life’s tumultuous whitewaters

to the still strong voltage that beats within. 


Let Connie Cruthirds, with a voice at times rebellious, mischievous, and tender, help you discover more about the flow of conscious living. 


Hannah Kate Lewellen, Illustrator

Hannah Kate Lewellen is an artist and illustrator whose work ranges from commissioned paintings for individuals to larger installation pieces that she creates for the local children’s hospital. She is happiest painting landscapes and creating pieces that echo the beauty of the outdoors and allow the viewer a moment of escape and tranquility. Bringing these small moments of peace into other people’s spaces is an honor for Hannah, whether it’s the walls of a home or the halls of a hospital. She believes that creative expression can play a powerful role in healing, learning, and processing. She has seen these therapeutic benefits in her own life through her art making process which led her to pursue her work at the intersection of arts and medicine/healthcare.

For more about Hannah and her work visit

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Connie Cruthirds, Author

Connie Cruthirds, storyteller, photo-journeyist, and a weaver of words in the style of Mary Oliver and David Whyte, writes to discover the intriguing life within us all. Much like her supposed cousin, Mark Twain, Connie lives on a bluff by the Mississippi River where the currents of life lap past her door. She is married, with two adult children, and is a creative coach helping people find their way through life. Connie’s work has been featured in Beyond Knowing, Huffington Post, A Sacred Presence, Lifeline, and Mais Oui I, II, and III.  

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