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Connie Cruthirds

This whole writing an “about” page offers me a boulder size case of writer’s block every time...

I’d rather write a chapbook of Shakespearean sonnets in iambic pentameter just for the fun of it. A coach friend asked me, “What would I write if I didn’t have writer’s block?”. The words “Only Connect” by E. M. Forster immediately came to mind. Many years ago I had a journal with those words on it. I connected with them because I believe that’s what life is about - connection - with self and others; our passions, scattered or shattered parts, dreams forgotten or undiscovered, and with the magic of possibility that lives inside each of us.

So this page is more “about” you than me. I believe there are people in this world we are meant to cross paths with as we find our way through life. Since you are here, perhaps there’s something in these pages filled with poetry, invitations, experience, and perspective that’s meant for you. Making connections with others and compassionately helping people find their way through life’s adventures is truly an honor.

And that about me part? I’m an author, writer, creative coach, photo-journeyist, advocate, married for 35 years, and mother of two amazing young adults. I also love music, meditation, writing, early morning workouts, silent retreats, things poetic and a bit bohemian, and I prefer to find my way through life on roads rarely traveled.

Only connect! That was the whole of her sermon.

Only connect the prose and the passion,

and both will be exalted,

and human love will be seen at it’s height.

Live in fragments no longer. 


-E.M. Forster, Howard’s End

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