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  • Coaching takes place on the phone or through zoom.

  • Sessions are supported by customized homework to deepen the process.

  • E-mail access to me Monday - Friday.

  • To begin with, a recommended 4-6 sessions that occur either weekly or bi-weekly. 

Pricing available upon request 



  • During this highly customized journey, we spend specific time stretches in coaching over several months focused on taking very intentional steps towards your ultimate goals.

  • This unique process allows the broader picture of you to emerge more quickly and clearly.

  • Through coaching, creative expression, and other tailored tools, together we take steps that launch you into new flight.

Pricing available upon request 


With over 25 years experience in small group facilitation, I’m passionate about groups and fascinated by dynamics that occur when a group gathers around a common theme. Whether the topic is life, a book, transitions, a powerful question, etc. there’s an amazing opportunity to cultivate a collective energy that allows deep and playful work to happen in the midst. I’m amazed at what unfolds and am honored to facilitate the adventure.

Over the past two decades, it has become clear to me that the success of these groups isn’t based solely on great content. After a few years, I began to notice that many people signed up over and over and again for the next series I was offering often without asking what we would be covering. I became very curious. Sure, content matters, but I realized what matters most is the “container” that holds the unfolding of the journey. When it comes to small group environments, I’m a warrior for creating safe places where the participant can relax enough to begin to trust and allow the magic of group process to unfold. The group becomes a place where you can show up, allow, let go, receive, listen, and spread your wings.


  • Life Coaching

  • Life Debris Removal

  • Living in your body

  • Clear out the Clutter and breathe again

  • From least satisfaction to greater satisfaction

  • Shifting from -10 to +10 living

  • Metaphor: The Wildly Surprising Path to Freedom  

  • Shifting your Stinking Thinking

  • From Stuck to Unstuck

  • Creating Life Flow

  • Unleashing Your Inner funkiness

  • Moving From Writer’s Block to Word Freedom

  • Taking the Next Right Step

  • Play Big, Dream Big

Let’s get creative together to help further folks lives. Contact me for pricing and more information.

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