Connie Cruthirds





Connie Cruthirds

I’m a writer, master-certified life coach, photo-journeyist, advocate, married for 33 years, and mother of two amazing young adults. I also love music, early morning workouts, silent retreats, things poetic and a bit bohemian, and prefer to find my way through life on roads rarely traveled.

Connie is my "go-to" coach.  After three decades of work as a psychologist and master coach, I'd sometimes despaired that anyone might help me with my own roadblocks, but then I met Connie!  She spreads acceptance and love and magic wherever she goes.  She's a font of intuitive wisdom, with an expert command of coaching tools.  She's helped me tremendously.  She has my utmost respect and gratitude, and if you are lucky enough to work with her, she'll have yours, too.  


Mike Falcone


“Connie’s strengths include clear seeing, gentle guidance, and broad perspective. She is insightful, caring, and innovative. When coaching with her I feel safe, challenged, and  expansive. Through coaching I learned better how to shed outer skin for new growth, use creative masks theatrically, and that I can hit the restart button indefinitely.”

Maureen Doyle

Over the years I have been fortunate to be coached by Connie on several occasions through career transitions, relationship struggles and in general just dealing with my monkey mind! Her calm energy, deep wisdom, and razor sharp coaching skills have always helped to move me from a place of doubt and confusion to clarity and action.  And not to forget to mention, Connie’s incredible wit makes sessions fun!


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