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Pandemic’s Pandemonium

Settle down.

Shallow breath

Can't row your boat

Merrily down

Or up the stream.

Wise sage said,

“Don't push the river.”

Yet you’ve scooped it

up in your arms

And carry it on your back.

It’s not yours to push or carry,

Nor is the world.

Not like this.

Desperate time’s

Desperate measures

Aren't adding up.

We're all in this river together.

Dammed we’re divided

Divided we fall and drown.


Tread water

For the long haul.

The pandemic’s pandemonium

drowns out the sounds of

Earth tipping its axis

to wake us up.

Birds still chirp.

Squirrels still forage.

Azaleas open

As tulips bow and exit left.

This world is a stage


This can be our finest act.



Trade arrogance for humility.

Ditch judgement for peace.

Cash in criticism for praise.

Swap cruelty for humanity.


Many on the table.

What will we choose?


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