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Liminal Space

Originally published through Church of the Holy Communion's Sacred Presence Blog


Can you pray for me, Stay awake for me, Remain here, and Watch over me?

Can you see the Altar bare, Let go of wondering where The pretty things went While I carry this cross for you?

Can you let go of what you need Turn your focus unto me, Hear my fervent pleas From the garden of Gethsemane?

Will you take this bread, Drink this wine And every single time Receive this grace In remembrance of me?

Can you be bereft of me believe in me For through brief emptiness you will come to be free?

Will you pray for me Stay awake with me Remain here, and Watch over me?

While my fear lets go My truth takes hold As hammers against nails Remind me Whose I am Why I am And show you all of this Is all about Love.


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