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For the Love of the Fox, the Himalayas, and the Jellyfish

Look at your feet.

You are standing

in black holes

of stale resistance.

Foxes go to war,

leaving their hunting,

shaking their heads,


You cannot see

What you

will not see.

“Sinking, I tell you, we’re sinking”

Icebergs shutter at the stupidity

to not just sound the alarm.

Our Himalayas,


for the first time,




our earth.

Sleeping outside without cover,

my eyes fixed between familiar stars,

dots connect

channeling facts

from fictions

without resisting.

Addiction to right,

with nothing left,

invited jellyfish

to swim again

in clear Venetian canals.

We’ll all swim along like this

until like bees swinging from trapeze,

we’ll fall to our knees and pray to something.



might still be willing

to listen to this cacophony of

“Help us”,

Rising from hot currents

bubbling up through the contagion of delusions.

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