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Grounded by Grace

Published in Lifeline Magazine July 2019

Broad Highway

Narrow path,

Narrow steps.

Tight rope strung

between mountain peaks

formed by stories,

wrapped in drama,

about a life lived

over done.


I balanced.


I clung

to air

no longer

filled with oxygen.

Between two peaks

I paused

forgetting which way

to go next.

Liminal space

Gave way to Grace

when she said

“Leap, but not yet.”

And I said,


She said,

“Would you let me catch you?”

I said,


She said,

“Because you are beloved.”

And I laughed.



Resentments as deep

As the gorge below.

Fears so many

They strangled my soul.

She whispered,

“There’s room enough

Within these clouds,

Upon this wind,

To let them go.

One breath

One truth

At a time.“

Between two peaks

the narrow path,

the loosening rope

began to unravel

thread by thread.


my heart heard Grace again.

“I’ve still got you.

Always have.

Always will.”

Powerless and lost,

I surrendered to the wind

the story of the mountains I built,

the truth of the narrow path I braved

until I couldn’t walk it anymore.

“Leap now!“ Grace said.

“Wide arms wait

to catch you,

to carry you,

until your feet stand strong

and your back feels the weight

of your world lifted off.

Hand in hand

I’ll walk with you along

the broad highway

where there’s air to breathe.

With me,

you’ll never

walk alone again.”


I leapt landing

Grounded by Grace,

I felt alive

For the first time

In a long time,

Eager to live out

My days.

One breath,

One step,

One day,

At a time.


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