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A Simple Psalm for Tangled Days

Originally published through Church of the Holy Communion's Sacred Presence Blog


Good morning, God. Thank you for this new day. For the beauty of the dark morning light And the love of possibility. There’s hope in my heart, Playfulness in these eyes, Yet I hold my breath to see what the state around me will be. I am hostage to truths I don’t want to see. We each “got” something ~ Something real, Something tight, Something to weave into a noose that stops our breath with fear. We all got something that races our heart, Through closed fields with little room to move. We all got something that we don’t want. Something we’d trade in at the lost-n-found For anything better than this thing. Why’d we not get only good so we could be good and do good for all that’s good? Why’d we not get the fairytale life ~ Where knights shine their armor bright enough to cast light on all darkness, Where Cinderella’s midnight never struck, Where Goldilocks got everything she wanted without the danger of bears? Because ~ There’s nothing rich enough or deep enough handed out on silver platters To open our eyes to what is real in our souls, What is alive behind the eagerness of my eyes longing to show me the way. What I got is at the crossroads of God’s will and mine. It’s where we meet through my surrender to learn who and why I am. What I got to deal with, work with, learn to navigate through Is my depth, The richness of the lessons that teach me about love, compassion and hope. Can’t give back what I got ~ Malady, challenge or foe ~ But I can take it in my arms, Love it 'cause I can’t leave it, Embrace it because it holds the clues To all that is divinely rich in purpose and possibility. It’s what I got and it’s got me. God, grant me, please, The serenity, acceptance, courage, and wisdom, To be that change To more willingly open my world to thine. Thanks for listening.

Love, Me


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