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Biology of Being


Core of my being

Deep in my soul,

I weep.

Bumble Bee

Bumps into my windows.

Furry Pup

Growls like every day.

As our world stands still

Waiting for wave after wave

Of a rising tsunami.

All this we made

Cannot stand up against

The biology of being.

Things happen.

Viruses spread

From the wild

To the tamed

Without immunity.

Meanwhile we shelter in

And those who can

Bravely step out into harm’s way.

I remember curfews.

The day Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated

A few miles from home.

My grandmother wept with fear

As my mom left to take care of the most vulnerable,

The children.

I was just a child, too.

Houses locked up tight.

Tensions rose

as military arrived to separate us

Until our city

could breathe

together again.

Different. But the same.

Another bad thing has happened

and our world

must never

be the

same again.

Both came with warnings

But we pushed forward

Our world is begging for change.

It is time

we put down our arrogance

and listen.


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