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The Preface

The Preface


The Current, Poems for the Flow of Life

I’ve become an early riser. In this still time before the rest of the house awakes, I open my journal, light a candle, connect with my breath, and slowly become aware of all around and within me. On most days, words begin to flow that I often don’t remember writing.

Three years ago, I’d lost my way in a world of too much and never enough.

Since I was a little girl, life often felt too big for me. I preferred to live in my imagination. These truths helped me perfect an eating disorder, become a people pleaser, live in fear, and follow “the rules” as perfectly as possible. Throughout the decades of my life, much healing and progress had been made in many areas, but I often still listened to the bad ideas the addictive and compulsive parts of me offered as relief.

By April 2018, I had no access to my creativity. That scared me more than any other diagnoses or realties I was facing. With no access to my imagination and creative spirit, death seemed just one breath away. Desperate, I asked for help. Then I got honest and sober in my actions and behaviors. I learned to love my human self as is and let spirit lead me forward.

This collection of poetry was written for you and for me. There are no poems in this book that I intentionally sat down to write. In the morning’s stillness and throughout the day, I listen and narrate what I see and hear. Sometimes the words feel like they are tapping me on the shoulder. I’ve learned that I either stop and let them flow onto the page or they float away. The more I become willing to drop in deeply, way beneath my ego, the faster the words flow.

Writing has helped me remember who I truly am as: a playful soul bravely doing this human gig.

Several months ago my dear friend and fellow writer, Melissa Faber, got my attention when she suggested I publish a book of poetry. I was pretty determined to focus on novel writing, but alas, she was right.

As I began to sort through hundreds of poems, I realized the stack I kept focusing on was labeled “current”. I researched the word current in my dictionary and thesaurus and clearly saw the three-fold connection to these poems: the words, like the flow of life, surge like an electrical current illuminating and energizing, or stream like the Mississippi River rushing outside my writing window, plus these poems emerge from present life circumstances.

I compiled this collection like a puzzle. I trusted the pieces would show me where they fit and that a picture would emerge. Once the puzzle was complete there appeared a three part book.

As you journey through The Current, the arc of a story will unfold-

Part One “The Earth and Her Moon” is both beautiful and humbling as I bear witness to the vast universe and the majesty of earth -its delights, teachers, and longings.

Part Two “Life” paints a picture of living through life’s challenges, realizations, inspirations, and possibilities.

Part Three “Self Portrait” offers a more intimate look into an individual’s personal path to becoming more alive.

I offer to you with great joy The Current: Poems for the Flow of Life.


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