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A Better Bite


A Better Bite WORKSHOP

Sunday, 1/26/20


Join Certified Life Coaches Maureen Doyle and Connie Cruthirds in this interactive and instructional workshop. Hear how Maureen brought herself back to wellness after a terrifying autoimmune syndrome. Discover how Connie turned her life around after a lifelong struggle with eating disorders and ended up on the cover of a fitness magazine. Together, they will tell you about the journey they took to discover how to better honor intuition, advocate for one’s health, and learn to experience nourishment for all of life in a fresh new way.


In this popular workshop you will - 

  • Discover simple health tips to start using in your life immediately

  • Learn helpful mindset shifts to support your health and wellness journey


Cost: FREE

Questions: Maureen Doyle, MAT, Life Coach,  615-202-9261,

To register click the button below: 

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