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Caring Bridge: From Day 1 to Today

Throughout Adam's treatment I kept our Caring Bridge page updated. Below is my short entry from the whirlwind that was day one. To read all of the entries visit the site here.

Day 1

Our world changed yesterday. We are now a St. Jude family. Adam's hands were aching. We went to see our friend, Dr. Hugh Holt, Rheumatologist. I was concerned about arthritis. Instead, he discovered Adam has cancer. B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Treatment plan will take 2 and 1/2 years. His Dr. here is Dr. Pui. Literally the top leukemia specialist in the world. You can help us and we would be so grateful. If you pray please add him to any prayer list you know. If you beat drums or dance or meditate or walk or run or sit down to dinner please think of him and send him some good healing energy. His prognosis is good. The more love we can surround him with the smoother this journey will be. We welcome you to follow along in his journey. We have already heard that the youth group has created a team for the St Jude Marathon in his honor. They would love to have you join. Some of the youth will be shaving their heads soon too in solidarity. We can do this. Stand strong with is. No worries. Only faith please. Thank you. This pic is my kids on warrior mode!


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